About FindForms.com

FindForms.com is a very unique search engine. You can use the search interface to access two different databases. The FindForms.com database contains an index of about 3000 free legal forms. The "Premium Forms" database is a collection of about 12,000 state specific legal forms. The "Premium Forms" do cost a little bit, but are usually better than the free forms (assuming a free form is even available for what you are looking for).

To create the "Free Legal Forms Database" we use a "spider" (sometimes called a robot) to visit web sites that contain all types of forms. We only visit form sites and forms and nothing else. Information about web sites containing the forms and the actual forms in then collected and stored in our database, where you can search it and retrieve it. Since our spider visits these sites and forms regularly, the database is automatically updated and always current. While some sites offer a few of the actual forms and others simply have links, FindForms.com brings it all together and offers you a true "niche" specialized search engine.

When you conduct a search (for a form) you will be searching the actual keywords and phrases contained in the sites and forms our spider has indexed. Searching for form sites and / or forms is very simple. In the search box area there are two drop down menus. Select the appropriate options (i.e. search any word or all words and "Search In" . Enter your search term in the box and press "Search" (i.e. "will", "real estate" etc.) Through the "Search In" option you can search the following databases either all at the time or one at the time. They can be selected from the "Search In" drop down menu:

All Sites
Searches all the databases at the same time.
Only search the various forms we have available at FindForms.com
Only search the database of free forms available elsewhere on the Internet. This is truly an amazing collection and it is where our search engines shines the most.
Form Sites
Only search the Forms Site database. This is a collection of sites that have forms all over the Internet which our spider visits on a regular basis. It includes both sites with free forms (which comprise the majority of listings) and fee based sites.

Important: The great majority of the forms we have indexed in our database are free. However, we do index form sites that carry fee based forms and therefore, the findforms.com database and search results also contain premium (non-free) listings. The "premium" forms/listings will appear first in the listings, while the free forms show up further down in the listings. Generally "premium" listings have a "$" in front of the title. Since only about 5 listings appear per page, it is sometimes necessary to go "down" several pages in the search results to find the free forms (i.e. you may have to go to page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc... to see free forms).

The "Premium Forms" database is a collection of about 12,000 state specific legal forms. This database can be searched in pretty much the same way as the free database. Simply type in your search terms in the search box, select the button next to "Search Premium forms database?"

We would love to hear from you, but here are a few pointers. Please do not contact us with legal questions. Legal questions can be fond at and submitted from here. Do not ask us where to find a particular form. Every site and form that we are aware of is already in our database and can be accessed with our search function. Feel free to send us suggestions, ideas or let us know if you have any problems with the site. This site is owned and operated by WebSiteBroker, Inc., 6100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 360, Los Angeles, CA 90048. You can reach us at: findform@findforms.com

DISCLAIMER: These forms are only samples provided for your convenience. Most of these forms reside on other servers and we are only providing a link to those forms and sites. Many forms may not be valid in any other state other than the state for which they were intended. These forms should only be a starting point for you. Never rely on these forms without doing further research and without talking to an attorney. They are not intended and are not a substitute for legal advice.